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Malm can assist you in getting your design started or can work with your designers. Malm can accept Autocad dwg files of your plans or can help you create a design from concept sketches or even room layouts.

Malm has been commissioned to build over 350 custom designed "one of a kind" fireplaces for residences and commercial applications.

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Dan Capp beautifully designed this fireplace using hammered copper and stainless steel for his winery's tasting room. The tasting room is located at 1245 First Street at Randolph Napa, California. Here is a link to the  Capp Heritage Winery

Projects range from simple designs that incorporate styles of our standard units to large complicated structures that blend into the design principles of the surrounding architecture.

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This unit is installed at Santa Monica's Loew Hotel and features a suspended stainless steel hood.

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Malm created this unit for The Parker Hotel Palm Springs. The design required the hood to be suspended from the ceiling with no other support feature. The finish is porcelain enamel white.

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Malm has custom designed units that extend to ceilings as high as 36 feet and with bases of 100 square feet. These large units are modular designed to allow for shipping and ease of assembly at the job site.

A new popular design is the use of clear glass panels. This results in a striking, unobstructed view of the fire without the normal frame associated with standard glass doors.

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Units can be designed for wood burning or realistic glowing ember gas log sets.

Many designs allow for viewing of the fire from all sides.

Finishes can be simple matte black painted to exotic custom finished metals. Typical designs use brass, copper and stainless steel. Exotic bronzes and oil finished designs have also been applied. Malm is also able to provide porcelain enamel and powder coating as finishes to add color to any decor.

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Contact Keith to work out the details of your next project. Our 40 years of metal fireplace fabrication history can help with hard to get approvals from building officials.

Projects: Nintendo Corporate Retreat Hawaii -
Hickory Pit Restaurants - New York Parks Department - Gary Bishop Construction

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